Central Data Repository/Data Warehouse

Business Intelligence requires technology that collects, stores and analyses data.

Triteks offers a central data repository solution that allows you to manage all your organisation’s data efficiently and effectively in one place.

But why should you go for a central data repository in the first place? Here’s why Triteks finds it essential for business intelligence:

  • Centralised and consolidated data from both internal and external sources for a single version of the truth
  • Clean and de-duplicate data for accuracy
  • Convert data for significant insights
  • Cross-reference and map data for relational information
  • Develop records with relevant information
  • Satisfy regulatory reporting requirements with reliable information


Multi-dimensional data cube enhances the central data repository for analytical and reporting purposes, enabling you to navigate the data quickly, find trends, spotting patterns, ‘drilling down’, ‘slicing and dicing’ without the need to write technical code. Data is aggregated and enriched with business calculations, hierarchies, and relationships, providing you with accurate insights and self-service reporting for business users.

Triteks finds the cubes useful for;

  • Business-focused multi-dimensional data and calculations
  • Speed-of-thought analysis
  • Flexible, self-service reporting
  • Intuitive front end analysis tools

Power BI

Power BI is primarily a visualisation tool that provides interactive dashboards and reporting capabilities. Data visualisation is critical for utilising the data that otherwise may be overlooked, helping drive business decision making.

With Triteks, host your reports/ dashboards and KPIs on a single portal that can be accessed and optimised for multiple devices (PCs, phones, tablets etc.). We create dashboards that are intuitive, ideal for non-technical users and require minimal training.

You will find Power BI as:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Connects to a variety of different data sources
  • Personalised and self-service reporting
  • Access to the correct information at the right time
  • Interactive dashboards with Drill-down capabilities
  • Collaborative sharing and comment capabilities
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • integrates easily with your existing business environment